Plant Cell Signaling 2016

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时间: 2017-08-16


9: 30–9:45

Dr. Jinxing Lin and Dr. Tomonori KAWANO

Welcome and Introduction

Session I:  Chair by Dr. Tomonori KAWANO

9 :45–10 :10

报告人: Dr. François BOUTEAU    Université Paris Didero (巴黎大学), France

报告题目:  Deciphering early events involved in hyper-osmotic stress-responses in plant cells

10 :10--10 :35

报告人: Dr. Yinglang WAN   Beijing Forestry University (北京林业大学), China

报告题目: A novel insight to the light perception system in plants

10 :35–11 :00  Tea Break & Group Photo

Session II Chair by Dr. François BOUTEAU

11 :00–11 :25

报告人: Tomonori KAWANO    University of Kitakyushu (北九州大学),Japan

报告题目: Distinct ROS-mediated calcium signaling profiles in cytosolic and
nucleic spaces in tobacco cells in response to hypoosmotic shock

11 :50–12 :15

报告人: Dr. Xiaojuan LI    Beijing Forestry University(北京林业大学), China

报告题目: Endocytosis of membrane proteins–a single molecule approach

12 :15–13 :30    Lunch

Session III Chiar by Dr. Xuejun HUA

13 :30–13 :55

报告人: Dr. Christophe GOUPIL   Université Paris Diderot (巴黎大学),France

报告题目: Vegetal thermoelectricity: a route to a new stress sensor

13 :55–14 :20

报告人: Dr. Ruohan Wang   Beijing Forestry University(北京林业大学), China

报告题目: Floral Thermogenesis--An Adaptive Strategy in Pollination Biology of  Magnoliaceae

14 :20–14 :45

报告人: Dr. Xin DENG   Institute of Botany, CAS (中科院植物所), China

报告题目: Adaptation of the resurrection plant Boea hygrometrica to
water deficit

14 :45–15 :10  Tea Break

Session IV Chair by Dr. Yinglang WAN

15 :10–15 :35

报告人: Dr. Patrice MEIMOUN
 Université Pierre et Marie Curie (巴黎第六大学), France
报告题目: Reactive Oxygen Species in nucleus during seed
 dormancy breaking

15 :35–16 :00

报告人: Dr. Xuejun HUA    Institute of Botany, CAS (中科院植物所),China

报告题目: light affects salt stress-induced transcriptional memory of P5CS1
in Arabidopsis

16 :00–16 :25

报告人: Dr. Ling LI   Iowa State University(爱荷华州立大学), USA

报告题目:  The Arabidopsis QQS orphan gene modulates carbon and nitrogen allocation across species

16 :25-16 :40  

Closing ceremony Chair by Dr. Jinxing LIN